Emergency Water Service: Potable Drinking Water You Can Rely On

Water Runner is the go-to supplier of emergency drinking water in the State of Texas. If you or your business has been impacted by natural disasters including drought, hurricanes, flooding, or municipal water supply failures or boil notices, Water Runner is here to help!

We primarily serve Texas, but we maintain a large, dedicated fleet of stainless-steel bulk tankers ready to dispatch anywhere in the United States, 24/7. When disaster strikes, you can rest assured that we will deliver – with best-in-class service and affordable prices, our business is to keep you, your family, and your enterprise in business!

In the past, we have provided clean, potable water to hospitals, clinics, dialysis centers, offices, rural communities, and restaurants on short notice. Customers who need assured water services may reserve standby tanker capacity with a modest retainer and activate our emergency water transportation service when needed, guaranteeing you never go without! We provide an on-site consultation to evaluate your water requirements and develop a custom response plan tailored to your water needs.

Give us a call to schedule your emergency water consultation today at 432-661-3768.

Residential Water Delivery

R.O. and Drinking (potable) Water can be delivered to residential locations anywhere in Midland and Odessa. Perfect for filling potable water holding tanks at your home or filling a swimming pool with the purist water on the market.

Water Station Pickup

R.O. water is available for purchase at tour convenient pump station 7 days a week from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. After-hours service is also be available.

Commercial Water Delivery

Our quality customer service team and professional drivers are ideal for supplying water to the many different types of commercial locations of West Texas. Water Runner excels at delivering R.O. and D.I. water to oil rigs, gas plants, sand plants, man camps, and field offices.