How to Fill a Residential Swimming Pool in Texas

Filling up a Texas swimming pool with water.

With spring around the corner, Texas homeowners are gearing up to enjoy their swimming pools. Whether you’re a seasoned pool owner or a newbie, knowing how to fill your pool will enable you and your family to enjoy its benefits as the temperature heats up. This blog post will cover different sources of water, their advantages, disadvantages, and practical tips for a successful swimming pool fill.

1. City Water: The Reliable Choice

City water, also known as municipal water, is the go-to option for most pool owners in Texas. Here’s what you need to know:

Pros of City Water

  • Convenience: Easily accessible through your tap.
  • Safety: Treated and safe for your family.
  • Cost-Effective: Affordable depending on local water rates.

Cons of City Water

  • Slow Process: Filling a pool can take over 24 hours. Large pools might require several days to fill.
  • Quality: Municipal water high in minerals may create problems with your pool filtration system and leave scaling (a buildup of calcium and other dissolved minerals) on the sides of your pool.
  • Regulations and Drought Concerns: Check local regulations and drought conditions.

2. Well Water: Mother Nature’s Blessing

If you have a well on your property, well water can be a great option:

Pros of Well Water

Cost-Free: Independent of city water.

Abundant: Depending on the water table, seemingly unlimited.

Cons of Well Water

Mineral Content: May contain metals like iron and copper in higher amounts, which could lead to staining in your swimming pool.

3. Water Delivery Services: The Quick Fix

For a speedy solution, consider a pool water delivery service like Water Runner:

Pros of Water Delivery Services

Speed: Fastest way to fill a pool.

Convenience: No hoses needed—just watch your pool fill up.

Ideal for Large Pools: Perfect for large pools that would take days to fill otherwise.

Quality: Delivery services like Water Runner can provide high quality potable water, or even water that has been further treated by a reverse osmosis system to remove dissolved solids, minerals and metals from the water. 

Cons of Water Delivery Services

Cost: Because the water must be transported via tanker, this is the more expensive option when compared to city or well water.

Fill Your Swimming Pool with Clean and Safe Texas Water

Specializing in quick pool water delivery, Water Runner offers efficient and reliable service for pools of all sizes! Whether you choose city water, well water, or a water delivery service, always consider regulations, costs, and safety. A well-filled pool will be your cool oasis in the Texas heat. 

Not sure how many gallons of water your pool holds? Try our calculator tool to help give you an accurate estimate! 

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